1. 連結:請盡可能以連結形式
  2. 留言:請留言告知引用網頁之網址
  3. 全文:請勿斷章取義
  4. 出處:請註明至網頁層級,讓讀者能找到原文章,而非只說是引用自本部落格


All rights reserved for all the original works on this site.
Non-profit usage of any original work is authorized under the following conditions:
  1. Link:Please use links to the original articles instead of copying.
  2. Inform:Please leave a message and tell me where my work is used.
  3. Quote Complete:Other than commenting specific portion, please quote the entire article instead of parts.
  4. Use Detailed Source Credit: Please provide the URL to page level, not just site.
The author reserve the right to refuse authorizing any usage for arbitrary reasons.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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