Say This Aloud, and Be Proud?/我是……山曉?

Say This Aloud, and Be Proud?/我是……山曉?

"Air Blade" 是越南很受歡迎的本田機車車款,意思是「(切)空氣(的)刀片」。大部分的越南人通常唸不出雙子音:唸不出 B。"Air" 發音也不準,所以通常聽起來臺灣福老話的 26。以下是 Air Blade 的廣告。

"Air Blade" is a very popular model of motorcycle in Vietnam from Honda.
This is their commercial:

他們的口號是:"I am a Blader."/Their tag line is "I am a Blader.":

這裏沒有菜英文,但是 blader 是罕用字,而且如果你把一個 D 的 blader 聽成兩個 D 的 bladder,那就杯具了:因爲兩個 D 的 bladder,是「膀胱」的意思,是裝滿尿的臭皮囊。

There is nothing wrong with this commercial, since "blader" is spelled with one D only, not two.

However, if you failed to hear them correctly, this might just happen:

-- Source Credit: Google Translate

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