"Mosquito" Trap Works Too Well/太好用的捕「蚊」罐

"Mosquito" Trap Works Too Well/太好用的捕「蚊」罐

I followed on-line instructions to build this kinda "mosquito" traps.
It works better than promised.

This is actually little bugger trap:
  • Sugar water lures bugs: ant, cockroach.
  • Carbon dioxide lures animal predators: mosquito.
  • Trapped bugs lures bug predators: gecko.
  • Trapped dead lures scavengers.


  • 糖水誘來昆蟲:螞蟻、蟑螂。
  • 二氧化碳誘來吸血昆蟲:蚊子
  • 先進來的充誘來吃蟲的:壁虎
  • 困死在裏面的屍體引來清道夫

The instructions I did not follow are:
  1. Use a dark coloured bottle or wrap the bottle with dark paper: I plead guilty to the charge of sloth.
  2. Use yeast: I spit on this instruction.

  1. 用深色的罐子,或用深色的紙將罐子包起來:好啦!零北比較懶。
  2. 用酵母:口水裏就有酵素了。

During my research, I came across this piece of information: LED light repels mosquito.
Doesn't this make those LED mosquito traps flaws?

Anyway, I like this trap. It does not require any power source. It catches every intruder. One being the lure of the next, I once caught a gecko. I released it for we are on the same side. Caught another again later. This time, I found out too late.


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