Joke/原創冷笑話:Core Value of YWCA and YMCA 的核心價值

Joke/原創冷笑話:Core Value of YWCA and YMCA 的核心價值

What is the core value of YWCA and YMCA?YWCA 與 YMCA 的核心價值分別是?

WC (yWCa) and MC (yMCa)WC (yWCa) 與 MC (yMCa)


A flush toilet may be euphemistically called a lavatory, a bog (UK), a pot (US), a loo, a john, a water closet (abbreviated "W.C."), or simply "toilet".

Menstrual cycle is the cycle of changes that occurs in the uterus and ovary for the purpose of sexual reproduction.[1][2] It is essential for the production of eggs and for the preparation of the uterus for pregnancy.[1] The menstrual cycle occurs only in fertile female humans and other female primates.

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