High Tea@Pool Side/漢來池畔下午茶

High Tea@Pool Side/漢來池畔下午茶

Rating: Price of five star restaurant, four star food, diner setting, and mediocre service. Worth a Shot, if you are getting by-one-get-one-free deal. My experience here makes me miss La Grâce.


Their food was so delicious that almost worthy of their five-star-hotel status, if their bread had been western style, and salad chunks bite sized.


Bread ala Formosan/台式麵包:

This much butter was not quite enough for me. It takes more than eye contact to get the attention of the servers.

Kim Chi Pork Fried Rice/泡菜豬肉炒飯:

Well made and presented. However, at the absence of table salt and pepper, the service of the servers was not prompt enough to season this dish before it got cold.

Club Sandwich/總匯三明治:

Liberate My Ass French Fries/炸薯條:

Black Tea Cake/ 紅茶蛋糕:
I guess it gets its name by mimicking the taste of black tea. Quite intriguing.

Cafe Late to the left, and Cappuccino right/左邊的是咖啡拿鐵;右邊的是卡布其諾:

Their service is courteous, but not professional. Their service is the counter example of a good service: intrusive, yet not taking care of customer's needs. The staff were not actively concern about our needs. We had to try to get their attention. They also made announcements on tasks they were about to perform before doing it. Apparently they were not taught on the concept of being non-intrusive at all.


This establishment uses paper napkin, paper placemat with advertisement, and no table cloth. Although they are charging five star regular price, it would be wise to consider this place a diner. When rating this establishment as a diner, its value is good if you can get their buy-one-get-one-free deal.


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