Uni (Sea Urchin) de Penghu/澎湖的污泥(海膽)

Uni (Sea Urchin) de Penghu/澎湖的污泥(海膽)

A friend found sea urchin and bought it for me. She neglected to mention that it was frozen rather than fresh. So I was not getting something I expected. However, it turned out fine.

Uni Sashimi at a local Japanese restaurant/惠美壽亭的污泥:

I was about to steam it with eggs. After finding its resemblance with the Uni Sashimi at a local Japanese restaurant, I decided to take my chances and eat it raw. It tasted good. Better yet, it was freaking cheap. In Kaohsiung Takao, I found a restaurant serving fresh ones at NT$80/pc, and NT$150/2 pc. In Penghu, a friend had had them at NT$50/pc. These frozen ones costed NT$150/box. Each box contained 5. So it comes down to NT$30/pc.


It is not in season yet. Freezing also kills parasites. Hence it is acceptable although the fresh ones tastes even better.



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