Confession of a Pseudo-Know-It-All: Coffeeling/自作聰明之踢到鐵板:咖啡林咖啡

Confession of a Pseudo-Know-It-All: Coffeeling/自作聰明之踢到鐵板:咖啡林咖啡

Rating: A Cafe run by experts. Pilgrimage.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coffeelingcafe?group_id=0
Address: 800高雄市新興區中山一路119號
Tel: +886 7 285 5300

Ultra Snobbish Espresso/超跩、超臭屁的 Espresso, NT$100:

沒見過這麼厚的咖啡脂;沒見過透明玻璃的 Espresso 一口杯。擺明了是在展超厚的咖啡脂。
I have never seen crema this thick before, neither espresso shot glass. I believe this is a show off of the thickness of their crema.

Coffee Coretto/義式咖啡白蘭地:

In addition to fine coffee, they are not skimming the hardware, either/除了好尬逼之外,器皿也很講究:

Japanese made by Hario, the handle provides a firm close firm grip barely missing the scorching hot thin glass. Elegant and practical.
本日咖啡/Coffee of the Day: NT$70


Cheese Cake Ordered by a Friend/換帖點的氣死蛋糕:
According to him, it was still icy at its core.

Thought I caught a spelling mistake. It is a very good thing that my friend stopped me from telling off the owner.


零北以為 aficionado 的複數應該是 aficionadi,這是拉丁文的規則。但回家後一查字典,發現這個字是源自西班牙文。Aficionados 是正確的拼法。


Tweet Definition of aficionado Like Definition of aficionado on Facebook
noun (plural aficionados or, occasionally, the hypercorrect aficionadi)
  1. A person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a particular interest or activity; a fan or devotee.
Wiktionary is filled with aficionados of language and etymology.
Etymology: From Spanish, past participle of aficionar, to inspire affection, from afición, affection, from affectio 

I thought "aficionado" was Latin, and its plural from should be "aficionadi." After I looked it up from web dictionaries, I realized that it was actually Spanish. "Aficionados" is correct.

不過 r-oast 還真不該如此斷字:單音節字不可斷。

另外,我猜這家店的英文名 Coffeeling 的梗是來自 Changeling, 意思是咖啡愛好者一類。

In addition, I guessed the name of this place, Coffeeling means folks that enjoy coffee, and is a derivation of Changeling.


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