The Day of Sampling Wasabi/Mustard/試芥末日

The Day of Sampling Wasabi/Mustard/世界末日試芥末日

In Mandarin Chinese, "is Armageddon" sounds identical to "the day of sampling wasabi/mustard." If you have noticed the increasing appearance of images of mustard or wasabi, now you know the reason behind.



同場加映亂入-Julee Cruise-Until the End of the World:

When all the land was dark
And you appeared in light
Then the darkness cried

We danced above the earth
Through the heaven above
Sunlight, moonlight smiled
Until the end of the world

We touched beside the sky
The sun through golden rays
Whispering our love
Until the end of the world

Your bright eyes fill my soul
Your kiss a sacred dream
The dream is one that lasts
Until the end of the world

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