Takao is Freaking Hot/打狗灰熊熱

Takao is Freaking Hot/打狗灰熊熱

So berry berry freaking hot, that my can of Ricola is melted/熱到零北的瑞士喉糖融了:
DSC_1324, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App
Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

BTW, Takao is also known as Kaohsiung (airport code: KHH), which is a very popular and stupid mistake caused by ignorance of Chinese invaders.

The name of my home town has always been Takao. It is an aboriginal name. When Chinese culture became dominant, the name acquires its Chinese written form: 打狗, which sounds still like Takao, but means "beating the dog", as all Chinese characters have their own meanings. When Japanese took over, in order to adhere to its aboriginal pronunciation in Japanese, the written form was changed into Japanese Kanji: 高雄, which still sounds like Takao.

After the end of WWII, Chinese raiding party occupied Taiwan. As they were too stupid and ignorant to learn the story of Takao, they retained the Japanese Kanji, yet pronounced it the Chinese way. Voila, even now we are still being screwed by this stupid mistake: Kaohsiung. The first time ever in Taiwanese history that the name this town is screwed this bad and for so long.

Plan de Takao en Francaise:


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