Blooper: No Airborne Particles, No Visible Beams/沒有懸浮微粒就沒有可見光芒

Blooper: No Airborne Particles, No Visible Beams/沒有懸浮微粒就沒有可見光芒

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)/變形金剛3: 32:58
This scene is supposed to be on airless moon./這一幕號稱是在沒有空氣的月球上。

The reason beams are visible is because airborne particles reflecting the light in the team to light sensors. Particles are AIRborne either because of, duh, suspended in the AIR, or the absence of gravity. Although the gravitational force on moon is only 1/6th of Terra, it still exists. ie. Unless disturbed, there is no AIRborne particle on moon. Hence there cannot be visible beams. As there is no air to stop the dust, disturbed dust would be moving in the direction of projectiles, instead of suspending in mid AIR.


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