Chateau de Chine/蝦頭的腥

In Formosa (aka Taiwan), there is a hotel chain called Chateau de Chine.
翰品酒店的洋文名原來叫 Chateau de Chine.

In case you are American, "Chateau de Chine" is French. It means "Castle of China." A Formosan hotel has a Chinese name in French. I wonder what kind of identity crisis they are having, eh? Is none of those three countries alone good enough for them?

如果你以為 Chateau de Chine 是英文名,那你就慫斃了:那是法文,讀作『蝦頭的腥』。其中『蝦頭』是『城堡』的意思;『的』還是『的』;『腥』的是法文的『拆哪』,也就是拆哪人所號稱的『中國』。Chateau de Chine 譯作漢文,就是『拆哪的城堡』。好好一家在臺灣的飯店,取個法文名,就算是要『照顧』來自法國的觀光客,幹嘛還要沾『腥』?人家要沾『腥』,可以去『腥』。還來臺灣幹麼?

當年來打狗的法國人畫的打狗地圖叫「撲郎的打狗」(Plan de Takao)。那麼,「拆哪城堡」為何會變成「蝦頭的腥」呢?是紀念法「腥」戰爭?還是期待法國人來「解放」「腥」國?

When French came to Takao, they drew "Plan de Takao." I wonder why would a "Chinese Castle" be named in French as "Chateau de Chine?" Is this a reminder of  Franco-Sino war? Or, a wishful thinking of future french take over?


Its Chinese name means "Taste of Scholars." I wonder if those scholars would swallow their mouthful of French taste.


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