The Road to Hell

Wikipedia: The road to hell is paved with good intentions

The meaning of the phrase is that individuals may do bad things even though they intend the results to be good. An example is the economic policies of the 1920sand 1930s. These were intended to be a prudent response to the economic turmoil following World War I and the Wall Street Crash respectively, but they were one of the causes of the Great Depression and World War II in which millions of people suffered and died. [3]
Another interpretation is that good intentions may not result in a good outcome because of inaction due to procrastinationlaziness or other subversive vice.[4]
Quite simply, it could also mean that good ideas or thoughts lead to negative consequences that were unintended. A person begins with good thoughts, promising to themselves to do the right thing, however, priorities in life change, time becomes a limiting factor, and alas, the good intentions go astray.

This road is certainly paved with good intentions:

This gigantic structure was built without ecological evaluation nor building permits. The city government dare not tear it down because it was backed by a powerful religious figure, who is backed by the central government. It contains a museum and a mall completed with souvenir shops, a jewellery store, a convenient store, food court, and fancy vegetarian restaurants. It is things like this making sure I am definitely not going to be a Buddhist while in Taiwan. The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan is doing far more good than so called "Buddhists" in this country. For this reason, if I am going to believe in any religion at all, Christianity is going to be on the top of my list.

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Virtual Graffiti-Before-"Do no evil; do all the goods:"

After-"Do no evil, except building without permits:"

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This dude(ss) vandalizes public property to promote Buddhism virtues/塗鴉污損公物算六度裡的哪樁:


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