Unboxing Lexking Bluetooth Keyboard/開箱文:藍牙鍵盤

Unboxing Lexking Bluetooth Keyboard/開箱文:藍牙鍵盤

"If I wanted a notebook, I would get a notebook." That was one of my reasons of getting Acer A500 rather than EEE Pad. My excuse justifications for getting this keyboard are:
  1. I find I use A500 a lot more than notebook, for fast boot time, electricity consumption, and lightweight works.
  2. The TCO is still much lower than EEE Pad. Though bulkier, this set up is also much lighter.
  3. It's freaking convenient and geeky to type on my Android phone. However, it turned out that this keyboard does not support my cell phone. Their tech support claims this problem would be gone as soon as the system of my cell phone is upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich.
Compared with EEE Pad, this setting has much less battery life. On the other hand, I do not think I will run into the situation of having to use A500 for more than 6 hours before any chance of recharging. If I need the VGA port for presentation, I will bring along the free memory key, and borrow a computer. In addition, when you retire the Pad of Asus Transformer, you are likely also to ditch its keyboard at the same time. Whereas Lexking keyboard can stay long after the retirement of A500.

So here we go...

  1. 零北發現:零北平板用得遠比筆電多,因為平板省電、方便。所以用平板可以解決的事,就不會開筆電。
  2. 這麼玩,還是遠比變形金剛便宜多了。雖然比較累贅,但也比較輕。
  3. 在俺捉夷的手機上打字:酷!不過這個如意算盤打錯了。這個鍵盤不支援我的手機。技術支持號稱當手機系統升級至Ice Cream Sandwich之後,這個問題就可以解決了。


Except for the last two "Action Shots" were taken by SonyErricson Xperia Active, the rest of photos were taken by Acer A500. Captions were added by using PicSay.

除了最後兩張照片是用SonyErricson Xperia Active拍的之外,其他的都是用Acer A500拍的,再用PicSay加工。




I could not get this keyboard to work with my cell phone.  I had trouble switching between input methods with A500. The manual does not say much. Lexking company website is still under construction. Before sending this Made in China piece of work back, I decided to give Lexking one last chance, I wrote to them for my specific problems. Their response time was impressively short. So I decided to keep it.

I could not get this keyboard to work with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Active before. Lexking told me it would work after ICS upgrade. I have just verified that promise today. However, I can no longer switch between input methods by pressing hot keys. The only way work for me is to use the touch screen for switching.



To pair up:
  1. Turn on the keyboard by switching the switch on the back. The keyboard might fall asleep if left idle for a period of time. Before pairing, make sure it is awake. To wake it up, press some keys until the blue light is flashing.
  2. From Acer A500: [Set Up] ==》[Wireless and Network] ==》[Bluetooth Setup] ==》[Search for Device]。Select [Lexking BT v3.0 Keyboard] then A500 would prompt you a four digit number.
  3. Make sure the blue light on the keyboard is flashing. ie. the keyboard is awake. From keyboard, enter the four digit number prompted by A500, and press [Enter]
  4. If nothing goes wrong, then the blue light stays on to signify the established connection.
To switch between input methods: ctrl-space.
To switch between Google Pinyin and other methods: shift-space

The size of this keyboard is of the same size as my 15" notebook. It is quite comfortable to type with.

  1. 從鍵盤背面打開開關。注意太久不碰鍵盤,它會睡著。在配對之前確認一下正面有個閃爍的小藍燈。要喚醒鍵盤,隨便按幾個按鍵。
  2. 從A500:[設定] =》[無線與網路] =》[藍牙設定] =》[尋找臨近的裝置]。點選 [Lexking BT v3.0 Keyboard] 然後A500會給您一組四位數密碼。
  3. 確認鍵盤沒睡著,也就是說小藍燈在閃爍。從鍵盤上輸入A500給的四位數密碼,然後按[Enter]鍵
  4. 如果一切順利,藍燈就會停止閃爍,一直亮著。


Sometimes, after the keyboard waked up from sleep, only the first Chinese character is entered when a phrase is selected. Rebooting solve this problem.


Lexking staff says the world of Android is just too vast to test. Hence I think iPad is still a better choice for none techy folks require stability.


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