Ditching Acer Iconia A500 開箱文 (Update: 2012//08/30)

Unboxing Ditching Acer Iconia A500 閉箱文

Last Update: 2013/08/30
RIP: It is pronounced dead by Acer engineer. Resurrection would cost me NT$3900+ for a refurbished mother board that comes with 3-month warranty. A brand new tablet these days cost less and comes with one year warranty. I am disappointed by Acer quality, value, and service. I will never buy Acer again.

The turn around time exceeds 27 hours for e-mail support, and 25 for phone. The e-mail response was not helpful at all. The advise was "if reset doesn't work, take it to our shop." The engineer returned the call at least suggested trying to fully discharge the battery.

The time took for just getting an estimate after dropping off at the shop was more than 4 working days.

Although the attitude of the receptionist at the shop was good, but unprofessional. I asked a simple yes or no question "If I give up my computer, would I still need to pay for the NT$300 estimate?" He returned me with two of his first, which were turned out not required to answer mine.

最後更新: 2013/08/29



Last Update: 2013/08/19

My Acer Iconia A500 turned itself off last night. I has been refusing to boot till now.
Acer Tech support's response time is over 25 hours.
Recommended solution from Acer was: fully discharge (keep it running until automatic shutdown), recharge, and turn it on again. The educated guess is software conflict.


I have finally purchased this tablet at the price of NT$11200. This is a bit less than US$400. In addition to tech show discount, according to the salesperson, he had quoted me a wrong price. Other than this, the lowest price I have found was NT$11400 at tech show, and NT$11500 in stores.

I believe I have got the biggest bang for my bucks, in terms of both price and value.

Value is my deciding factor on choosing A500. Compared with iPad2 and Asus Transformer, A500 is better equipped but ridiculously priced. This kind of portable equipment comes with extremely high risk of damage and theft. Hence its cost must be expendable. Android is capable of accomplishing any task I would assign to an iPad. So Android wins out for lower cost.

Among Android devices, Asus Transformer is ridiculously expensive. Take a look at the tablet itself, A500 is better equipped than Transformer at a lower price. To dress up A500, a blue tooth keyboard is less than NT$2000. A Transformer with keyboard, however, is approaching NT$20,000. If I am burning that much cash, why would not I get a NetBook in addition to an A500? During tech show, I can get a NetBook for less than NT$7000. From NetBook point of view, Transformer with keyboard is poor on computing power and storage. Why do you need 16 hours of battery juice? Can you last that long? Even if you can, can your audiences? Other than a sales obsessed on lightening the weight of his/her luggage, I cannot think of any practical justification for Asus Transformer.

It is a bit heavier and larger than expected. However, after comparing with a iPad2, its weight seems a lot more reasonable, as it is not much heavier. For folks looking for a powerful ebook reader, I would recommend a 7" pad instead. As far as ebook reader goes, I would gladly exchange the over sized viewing area for less burden. Some reviewer criticize A500's battery life by comparing it with other tablets. I say if you are staring at a tablet more than 6 hours a day, then perhaps you need to get a life instead of a pad. Nonetheless, I do not regret my decision, as my need is indeed a tablet. So I do need the large screen. In addition, I am also regarding being a dumb bell as an extra function.

Acer boasts Doby stereo. I did not expect much from this claim. Nonetheless, it has been a pleasant surprise to discover A500 produces the most pleasant sound I have ever heard from build in computer speakers.

I would have made this purchase a bit earlier had had Acer made a louder announcement on their Android 3.2 update. Acer's web site shows Android 3.1 update download. However, the newer update is done through Wi-Fi. I was not sure of this until I have become an owner.

Books, video, and audio included, with cloud storage, I am very pleased to be able to carry my library with me at this weight.

零北後悔了。今天是2012年6月4日。還沒收到Ice Cream Sandwich的更新。這種售後服務實在是不敢恭維。




俺捉夷裡,華碩的變形金剛又貴到爆笑:只看平板,不看鍵盤,變形金剛就比配備更好的A500還貴。不配鍵盤的話,你幹麽要為變形金剛多砸銀子?要配鍵盤,變形金剛就趨近兩萬大洋。要搞定平板加鍵盤,藍牙鍵盤不用兩千大洋;要砸兩萬大洋,零北幹麽不乾脆敗個A500後,再加碼敗個小筆電啊?電腦展時,十吋小筆電七千大洋有找耶…… 從筆電的觀點來看,不論性能、存儲變形金剛都還不如一臺小筆電。帶鍵盤的變形金剛的續航力比零北知道的小筆電都強,但是你非得要十六小時的續航力幹麽?八小時不夠用嗎?你的變形金剛有十六個小時的續航力,你的人有沒有?你的觀眾有沒有?除了要把行李減到最輕,長期出差時還找不到機會充電的業務外,零北想不出變形金剛有何實用價值。





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Protective bag included/附保護內袋

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Exchangeable plug for globe trotters/世界級流浪漢用可更換插座:
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