QR Code Business Card on Smart Phone/智能手機QR Code名片

QR Code Business Card on Smart Phone/智能手機QR Code名片

This article describes steps to use your Android smart phone as business card by using QR code. I would recommend taking advantages of soft copy, and create several versions of your business card, then create shortcuts from your main screen for swift retrieve.

  1. Create QR Code Image: Go to QR-Code Generator, and download the generated QR Code Image. I would recommend against http://goqr.me/, for its image has border too narrow for the code to be read when displayed on phone screen
  2. Upload the QR Code Image(s) onto your phone
  3. Create Shortcut(s):
    1. Install Astro File Manager
    2. Hold down the spot you want to place the shortcut, and select Astro File Manager as application
    3. Navigate to the image, and select it
    4. Use your shortcut and choose a default image viewing program to speed up the future access
  4. Test your new business card with another device: You do not want to look silly in front of your brand new friends

If you insist on being a tree killer, then please refer to this article: HowTo: Create a Business Card with QR Code, but use QR-Code Generator instead.

本文介紹如何利用QR Code將按桌椅智能手機當作名片用。建議建立多個版本,如中、英文等,然後把捷徑放到主螢幕上,以便迅速取得。

  1. 建立QR Code圖案:到QR-Code Generator然後下載做好的QR Code。建議不要用http://goqr.me/。他們的圖案邊框太小,有的手機讀不到。
  2. 將圖片傳到手機上
  3. 建立捷徑:
    1. 安裝Astro File Manager
    2. 按住主螢幕您想放捷徑的地方不放,然後選擇Astro File Manager應用程式
    3. 找到並選擇您的QR Code檔案
    4. 試用捷徑,並選擇默認看圖程式
  4. 用另一個設備來測試您的新名片:避免在新朋友面前出醜。

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