Unboxing Sony Ericsson Xperia Active Review/開箱文

Unboxing Sony Ericsson Xperia Active Review/開箱文

***** Warning: This article is for sharing my personal user experience. The author is not responsible for any damage caused by following instructions in this article. *****

***** 警告:本文純屬個人使用經驗分享。作者不爲文中建議負責。*****

Summary: Excellent functionality, weak Wi-Fi reception, poor documentation.


Tricks and Tips/撇步:

The following picture instructing the insertion of the SIM card is wrong. If you follow this picture, your SIM card will be stuck, and difficult to get it out. After you open the back lid and remove the battery, there is a sticker showing the correct way to insert the SIM card.

It is difficult to remove the SIM card. Perhaps it was only my luck, I searched the web and could not find a good way for removing the SIM card. The way I do it is to pin a big needle on the plastic part of the SIM card. I dare not recommending the method.


When I tried to download the PC Companion, the size of the downloaded file is always zero. The installation of Media Go always failed due to failure of C++ component installation. My solution is, instead of downloading software packages from the web, install them from the phone using the USB core. My Windows computer prompted me from installation of PC Companion after I plug the core into the USB port. Then the installation ran smoothly, including Media Go.

零北從網站上下載的PC Companion安裝檔的大小永遠是零。Media Go的安裝永遠死在一些C++元件的安裝失敗。零北解決的方法是:用USB綫從電話直接安裝。零北將電話的USB綫插進暈倒死電腦後,暈倒死就問零北要不要裝PC Companion跟Media Go。這樣安裝就沒問題了。

The battery life is not amazing. About 30 minutes of video recording will turn the indicator red. Using the earphone defeats the purpose of water proof, as you need to open the lid to plug in the earphone. Although this problem can be easily solved by a blue tooth device, a mp3 player can do a better trick by helping on battery life.


User Experience:

I am very happy with this phone. The operation of GUI is smooth. My only complain is the weak Wi-Fi reception. The signal is half full when I am only two meter away from the wireless router. From five meters away, a wall blocks the signal to one dot. This does not happen on my three year old Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. Although PC Companion does not support Linux, the phone can still work nicely without it. File transfer is a bliss with FTP server apps.

I also like their design on water proof. Ports are reduced to the minimum: one for ear phone, the other for USB. The "cover" for ports are actually plugs attached by very short and strong robber band. When it comes to water proof, Nokia 5500 pale in comparison, whose ports are covered by a piece of plastic that needs to be bent each time and broke within two years.

Due to previous bad experience from customers, the dealer advised against operating this phone under water.

I also like the hollow in design of the camera lens. This design reduces the chance of finger print greatly.


除了Wi-Fi收訊弱之外,零北相當滿意。離無綫路由兩公尺時,訊號只半滿;五公尺外,一道牆就能把訊號砍到只剩一點。我那三年舊的Nokia 5800 XpressMusic都沒這麼慘。雖然PC Companion不支持Linux,可是不用它也還可以。用FTP伺服器的app,檔案傳輸就很爽。

零北很欣賞Xperia Active的防水設計。接口只有兩個。接口的蓋子除了密封性很好外,更具耐用性。蓋子跟背蓋之間另外用很短的橡皮連結。不像Nokia 5500,就是一片塑膠。除了密封性差之外,耐用性更是可笑:每次開關都要折彎,用不到兩年就斷了。



The Deciding Factor:

Before I made this purchase, I was also considering Motorola Defy. SE wins out for newer version of OS and better picture quality, according to information I gather from the net.



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