Pinxian Tepanyaki/品鮮平價鐵板燒:2011年11月22日

Pinxian Tepanyaki/品鮮平價鐵板燒:2011年11月22日

Rating: Excellent value and kind towards less adventurous souls. Worth a shot.

今天 17Life 有團購:請點這裡

When Tepanyaki was first introduced to Taiwan, it used to be limited to fancy dinning exclusively. However, nowadays, the cheaper version also becomes available in case you do not want to lose any limb at all. For the less expensive version, you still get the full experience. The money you save is mostly from the decor and slightly from the food. If you are not adventurous about food, this place can be your break in Taiwan. I do not recall finding any internal organ on the menu.

As far as Pinxian goes, it is above average in its class. The manager is also the chef and the brother of the owner. He runs a tight ship and lead by example. I am impressed by his ability to cook food to perfect specification while multitasking, managing his team. Nonetheless, their beef is cooked Formosan style, marinated in sauce beyond recognition of its original taste. I love their pork. Help yourselves for free soup and drinks on taps. Pleased stay calm if you spot "dirt" on the complimentary fruits. That is actually homemade plum powder. Enjoy.



營業時間:週一至週日 11:00~14:00 17:00~21:00

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 Our sets includes two soft drinks chosen from Pepsi, mineral water, 7 Up, and root beer/團購的兩人套餐含兩罐飲料:七喜、百事可樂、礦泉水,或沙士。

 This is the chef/manager. 這位小帥哥就是店長兼大廚。

 Basil fried eggs/九層塔煎蛋

 Tepan Toufu/鐵板豆腐


 Filet Steak/菲力牛排

 Pork, my favourite dish here/豬肉,零北在這裡最欣賞的菜。

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