How to: Download Youtube Video/如何下載Youtube的影片

How to: Download Youtube Video/如何下載Youtube的影片

There are many ways to pull this trick. The way I do it is to install a Firefox addon: Video Downloadhelper.

方法有很多種。我的方法是安裝火狐的Video Downloadhelper插件。

1. From Firefox menu, go [tools] then [Addons], and search for "downloadhelper".
1. 先到火狐的選單裏選擇[工具]然後[插件],再搜尋"downloadhelper"

2. Install "Video Download Helper"
2. 安裝 "Video Download Helper"

3. Restart Firefox for the new addon to take effect
3. 重啓火狐

4. From now on, downloading video becomes a new option.
4. 此後,就會多了下載影片的選項

5. If you cannot view the clip on your device, you might need to work with its format. In most cases, it is the resolution and the codec that matters. You may use Format Factory for converting formats.
5. 如果您不能用您的設備觀看影片,那您可能需要修改影片的格式,通常是影片的解析度或編碼。這個任務可以用格式工廠來完成。

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