Reasonably Priced Thai/泰平價

Reasonably Priced Thai/泰平價

Rating: Reputation kept. Worth a shot. Safe for not adventurous souls.

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The cheapest shrimp cake I have seen in Taiwan. Except for toned down spiciness, their flavour is authentic.


Thai Niang Re Chicken: NT$65
Thai Pepper Numbing Chicken: NT$65
Moon Shrimp Cake: NT$60

Thai Niang Re Chicken/泰式娘惹雞

Moon Shrimp Cake/月亮蝦餅

Bring your own utensils, and be rewarded with free drinks./自帶餐具,店家招待冷飲。

Also available: ice dripped coffee, waffles, tea, popcorn chicken, and fries.

Home made chocolate truffle: NT$39 for 4 pieces, NT$99 for 10... etc.

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