Kodak: Rated as "Garbage"/柯達已經是「垃圾」

Kodak: Rated as "Garbage"/柯達已經是「垃圾」

Kodak has been rated as a "garbage" company, according to Wikipedia. Their products are mostly made in China. Their service in Taiwan is now outsourced to a local company, Taiwan Digi-Com. A close friend is not happy at with their service. We will never buy Kodak again. We will also steer away from SANYO, Toshiba, DOOV, ZIKOM, and Brandt, as they are also serviced by Digi-COM.

He bought a PlaySport ZX3 via PCHome in 2010. The lock securing the cover for the USB port was broken in 6 months, within warranty period. A week after he sent it back for servicing, he received a call from a technician in Digi-Com. He was told that the problem was determined to be "improper usage", the serving would cost NT$800. In addition, they also advised against using the product underwater in the future.

Digi-Com was very tardy and unresponsive during the process. They only kept their promise on returning the call once. That only once was done by a secretary assuring the manager will call back, which was a broken promise, too. All other conversation was done through or triggered by PCHome. In the end, my friend asked their technician "Is opening the cover every other day too frequent? What is wrong with my way of opening the cover? What is the proper way? Is the proper way instructed in your manual? If you do not fix it for me for free as warranty promised, do not explain to me. Instead, explain aboves to Consumer Right Officers and media." He also asked PCHome to remove all Kodak listings. We do not know what was the last straw, but Digi-Com changed their mind and fixed it for free. The whole process was stressful and time consuming. It took about a month. During the process, my friend tried to write to Kodak, and realized Kodak's situation.

根據維基百科,柯達連年虧損,其評等已被降爲「垃圾」等級。柯達產品大都是中國製造。服務方面,他們將在臺灣的服務外包給臺灣數位電通公司友人不滿意他們的服務,我們決不會再次購買柯達產品。我們也不會再購買SANYO, Toshiba, DOOV, ZIKOM, 與 Brandt的產品,因為他們也是透過數位電通提供售後服務。

有個朋友在2010年買了柯達PlaySport ZX3。不到六個月,USB蓋的卡榫就斷裂。送到數位電通保修。一週後接到數位電通工程師的電話告知他們片面認定是不當使用,需付維修費800元。就算修「好」後,也不能再下水。


Based on Wikipedia, the following is the web address for Kodak Taiwan/根據維基百科,柯達臺灣的網頁是:http://wwwtw.kodak.com/TW/zh-tw/consumer/consumer_home.jhtml

That page appears as the following/那個網頁是這副德行:

Error getting compiled page

Can't read source file: /eksys03/web/htdocs/country/TW/zh-tw/consumer/consumer_home.jhtml

As I searched Kodak Taiwan, I got wwwtw.kodak.com, and forwarded to www.kodak.com在網上搜尋柯達臺灣,會得到 wwwtw.kodak.com,但是那個網頁會被轉到美國去。

When I tried to contact Kodak by  [Support] ==》 [Email Us] , I get this page/在那美國的網頁,如果想要經由 [Support] ==》 [Email Us] 發電子郵件給柯達,會出現這種畫面:

When it comes to "Country of Residence", "TW" is not an option./關於居住國家,臺灣不是個選項,更加沒有「中華民國」。

Now let's try to change locale by clicking [ Change ] next to "United States"/現在試試改變語言,在United States旁按[ Change ]則出現以下畫面:
Taiwan does not exist at all, not even under Asia/Pacific./臺灣消失得無影無蹤,遑論中華民國。



1952至54年,柯達進入大中華市場,並成立香港分公司。 1986年1月9日,柯達輸掉了與寶利來(Polaroid)的專利官司,因此退出了即時拍相機行業。



  • In January 2009, Kodak posted a $137 million fourth-quarter loss and announced plans to cut up to 4,500 jobs.[23]
  • On June 22, 2009, Eastman Kodak Co announced that it will retire Kodachrome color film by the end of 2009, ending its 74-year run after a dramatic decline in sales.
  • On December 4, 2009, Eastman Kodak Co sold its Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) business unit to LG Electronics which resulted in the laying off of 60 people, which includes research engineers, technicians and interns.[24]

Based on above information, my impression is: Kodak is no longer a healthy company, and has no respect for neither Taiwan nor Republic of China.

About web page snap shots taken around 12:20, June 24, 2011/以上網頁於2011年6月24日下午12:20左右擷取。


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