Reconsidering Buying a Pad/再考慮敗平板

Reconsidering Buying a Pad/再考慮敗平板

After I have decided not to buy a pad, now might be the time for reconsider. At the moment, Acer's A500 seems to be a good deal.

My requirement for a pad:
  1. Price: risks of damage, lost, and theft is high for pads.
  2. eBook: reading books on a cell phone is just painful.
  3. Light Weight Typewriter
  4. Net Surfing on the Go
Based on above criteria, Acer's A500 seems to be a good choice for myself. At lower price, it is packed with more beef. For the rest of the world, you might want to consider there are a lot less Apps available for Android 3.x than Apple at the moment.


  1. 俗:帶著趴趴走,容易損壞、遺失。
  2. 電子書:用手機看電子書實在不是享受。
  3. 輕薄打字機
  4. 外出時上網


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