Palm: Karate vs Xingyi/掌形:空手道 vs 形意

Palm: Karate vs Xingyi/掌形:空手道 vs 形意

When it comes to chopping with palms, great minds, once again, thinks alike.

In Karate, fingers are not straight. They are curled up a bit.


So is Xingyi. The following diagrams are various palm postures in Xingyi.


Some of Bagua styles use the same palm shape as Xingyi. Consider the frequent skill interchange between Bagua and Xingyi, it is very likely they are indeed executed in Xingyi fashion. Nonetheless, all of them spread out fingers.


Liuhe style of Yunan Province keeps fingers straight and together, but not flat. Instead, they are spread out like a slope. The bottom line is, to cushion and absorb the impact.



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