Muay Thai vs Bagua vs TaiChi/泰拳、八卦、太極大亂鬥

Muay Thai vs Bagua vs TaiChi/泰拳、八卦、太極大亂鬥

"Great minds think alike." So are great martial artists. In this move, it does appear to be similar when looking from the top. This article is going to show one same move from three different style of martial arts.


มวยไทย/Muay Thai-Soark Club/泰拳-迴旋肘擊:



Zhaobao Taiji Hulin Frame-Fair Lady Working with Shuttle/趙堡太極拳忽靈架-玉女穿梭:

Please note that this move is different in some styles of Taijiquan. This particular execution is at least in Zhaobao and Chen's style. Yang's is not done this way.


My knowledge in Muay Thai is very limited. However, in Bagua and Taiji, there are many variations in executing this technique.

The First Strike:
  1. Wave the other arm in front of opponent's eyes for distraction
  2. Take down the opponent by applying a shearing force on his/her forehead
  3. Go for the opponent's eyes, the throat,the nose or the chin
  4. Go for opponent's elbow if it is almost straight

The Second Strike:
  1. Use elbow
  2. Use shoulder or hip
  3. Before spinning around, grab opponents wrist with both hands, and break his/her elbow by holding while spinning


  1. 在對手眼前虛晃一招,使其分心
  2. 抹眉摔
  3. 若敵臂曲,則取眼、喉、鼻或下顎
  4. 若敵臂直,則斷其肘
  1. 肘靠
  2. 肩靠或胯靠
  3. 轉身前雙手鎖敵腕,以轉身斷敵肘


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