The Matter of Length/長街大亂鬥

The Matter of Length/長街大亂鬥


Canadian claim that the Yonge Street is the longest street in the world. It starts from the shore of Lake Ontario in Toronto, and goes all the way to Rainy River. A friend and I planed to take a road trip, and drive through its entire length, for some major massacre of time. Later, when another friend had a bit too much time, he got a map, and tried to trace Yonge Street. He was surprised to find it was actually broken in pieces in many places. It is not a continuous street.

As I trek to Ukraine, a local friend pointed at Evreiskaya and said to me "This is the longest street in the world, for it goes all the way to Siberia!" As a matter of fact, along the street, there is a KGB building. People used to go through this street, entered the building, and ended up in Siberia.

After taking the following picture, that friend led me down the street, to the KGB building. I did not realize the gravity of the matter, pulled out my camera, and took a photo. Immediately, the guard walked towards us, and asked me to delete that photo. It was a new camera. I was not yet familiar with its functionalities. I had a even harder time trying to figure out how to delete the darn photo under the pressure. For a moment, I was worrying that I might actually had to travel the entire length of Evreiskaya。

The KGB building is far down this street on the left hand side.

縱貫加拿大多倫多市中心的央街(Yonge Street)號稱是世界上最長的一條街:起於安大略湖畔多倫多市,「直」達雷尼里弗(Rainy River)。本來跟個死黨約好,說哪天吃飽了撐著了,要開車兜風,將央街從頭走到尾。後來有某剩閒友人, 先吃飽了,拿起地圖來追蹤,發現中間其實斷了好幾回。



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