From Fuso to Kuso/從扶桑到枯瘦

From Fuso to Kuso/從扶桑到枯瘦

"Borrowed" from: http://www.chanown.com.tw/image/carphoto/FUSO-2005_H.JPG

Fusang is pronounced Fusō (扶桑) in the Japanese language, and is one of the names to designate ancient Japan. Several warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy were named Fusō (the ironclad Fusō, or the World War II battleship Fusō). Several companies, such as Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation also bear the name.


Kuso is the term used in East Asia for the internet culture that generally includes all types of camp and parody. In Japanese, kuso (糞,くそ?) means shit, and is often uttered as an interjection. It is also used to describe outrageous matters and objects of poor quality. This definition of kuso was brought into Taiwan in around 2000 by young people who frequent Japanese websites and quickly became aninternet phenomenon, spreading to Hong Kong and subsequently to China.


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