Recommendation: Thai Massage Lessons/推薦:泰式按摩課

Recommendation: Thai Massage Lessons/推薦:泰式按摩課

After backpacking in 16 countries, I find there are very few place worth revisiting. Chiang Mai of Thailand is one of the bests of a few. Its value is excellent in every way, including room, board, sights, and all sorts of classes. After Chiang Mai, one more item is added onto my todo list: return with a woman. I shall learn Thai boxing in the morning, while she Yoga. In the afternoon, we will take massage lessons together, and practise on each other in the evening.

I have forgetten the tuition fee for massage lessons in Chiang Mai. I vaguely remember the price for two hours of massage varies from 100 baht to 300, from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. In the city of Ta-Kao (Kaohsiung), it is around NT$600 for 90 minutes. The exchange rate betwen Baht and NT$ is about one to one.

Therefore, Mayna's offer is outragously cheap.

According to my personal experience, Mayna's skill is first class. Though as a very fit lady, only a male Thai masseuse, strong as an elephant, can match Mayna's power. Her rate is NT$3800 for ten of two hour sessions. That comes down to NT$380 for a two hour session. That is dirt cheap in every aspect, even if you could get free flight, room and board to Chiang Mai.

Her cell number is: 091919 3131




她的技巧,根據零北在泰國的經驗,是一流。雖然Mayna身材苗條,但她的勁道在泰國只有一位壯得像大象的男按摩師可以跟她一較高下。“一堂兩小時,每期十堂,$3800,兩人即可開班” 平均兩小時才380。這還有良心嗎?別人還要不要做生意啊?還小班制咧!就算機票、食、宿都免費,清邁的學費都沒這種行情!


泰式按摩發源於古印度,又被稱為被動瑜伽,可以說是融合了中國、印度與泰國的傳統醫學理論,所發展出來的手法。本課程讓你輕鬆學習100多招泰式按摩手法,包括正面、背面、側躺,坐姿:;不管是頭部、臉、腹部指壓動作將難不倒你,課程結束後,1到2小時的全身按摩個案對你而言”泰”簡單。 另外,你也可以藉由各式各樣的 雙人瑜珈伸展動作幫你舒解壓力。

講師簡介:Mayna 有快樂的能量與熱情的品質,本業是英文老師,自從2001年學習印度按摩及瑜伽至今,於2010年拿到國際瑜珈老師執照,目前擔任瑜珈老師、靈氣導師以及按摩治療師,對於另類療法有異於常人的熱愛。現在她將融入瑜珈、身體心理治療、按摩,獨成一格,讓我們一起治癒自我、回到原有的完整與智慧。

連絡電話:091919 3131

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