House of Grill Meat/燒肉屋

House of Grill Meat/燒肉屋

Rating: Pilgrimage, consider this is a crash course for grilling.


Address/地址: 高雄市三民區鼎山街252號
Tel/電話: 07-3958585
Business Hour/營業時間: 11:30--14:30 17:30--22:30




Their food is only above average, but their over the top service has become the steroid on value. Staffs are very enthusiastic. They rather busy serving customers than rest and relax. They teach customers all the tricks they know on grilling. If you enjoy grill food, this place is a must.

Tips: Although dining time is limited to two hours. However, if you start at 11:30, they will let you chew through 14:30. Reservation highly recommended.

Grill Beef/烤牛肉:

When you see the beef shrinks a bit, it is time to flip.

Peel Shrimps/剝蝦:

Peel from the back of the shrimp from the second section, and the shell will slip off from either ends.

Grill Shrimps/烤蝦:

Line them up and flip them all at once.

Grill Japanese Dessert/烤麻薯:

Request for a clean mesh. Do not flip too often. Ready when become soft. Swelling is swell. Give it a bit of pressure, but not to break the bubble.

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