Installing Linux on EEE PC 1000HE 安裝

Installing Linux on EEE PC 1000HE 安裝

Helped a friend installing Linux on his Asus EEE PC 1000HE. At first, the machine would not boot from my USB stick, even after changing boot device priority. This problem was solved by further configuring hard disk drives. You need to set the USB device as the first hard drive. In addition, this configuration can only be made if you have the USB device plugged onto the machine before power on.

幫朋友在他的華碩 EEE PC 1000HE 上裝Linux。一開始就算我更改了boot device priority也不能從隨身碟開機。後來發現,還得更改 hard disk drives。需要將隨身碟設為第一個硬碟。要做這個設定,必須在開電源前就將隨身碟插到機器上。

Rearrange boot device priority/重新安排開機順序:
In above picture, notice the second item is "Boot Settings Configuration." The option "Hard Disk Drives" is missing because I did not have the USB stick plugged in before power on.

請注意在上圖中第二項是"Boot Settings Configuration."沒有"Hard Disk Drives"。因為我沒有在開機前就插上隨身碟。

This time, I plugged in the USB stick before powering on, and the option "Hard Disk Drives" appeard./這次我在開機前就插上隨身碟,於是"Hard Disk Drives"的選項就出現了:

Running the ultimate antivirus sweep/惡靈退散:

The choice of installation media for this particular installation was a USB stick created with a Remastersys image.


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