Heilongjiang is Nowhere Near Great Wall

Heilongjiang is Nowhere Near Great Wall

The rabbit cannot be from Heilongjiang.

In Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special, There is a rabbit from Heilongjiang province of China:

He was punished by the panda by mistake. As a consequence, folks were sent to his home town:

... To rebuild Great Wall to exclude the rabbit's hometown:

... So his home town was no longer protected by Great Wall, and left for barbarians' attack:

... Eventually, his home town was devastated:

This is not possible, as Heilongjiang is well away from Great Wall:
-- Wikipedia: Heilongjiang

-- Wikipedia: Great Wall of China

As shown in above maps, Heilongjiang is way beyond the wall, and deep inside Manchuria.

Before the fall of Qing Dynasty, Manchurians were never considered as Chinese. This point of view by Chinese was changed to hide the shame of being conquered and ruled by barbarians outside Great Wall. In addition, Manchurians were assimilated by Chinese. Hence nowadays, Heilongjiang becomes a part of China. Nonetheless, it is still no where near Great Wall.

I guess the reason for choosing it is based on the fact that it appears as a border province from today's Chinese map.

The discussed scene starts at 06:40 of the following clip:

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