Joke: Chinese Fake Products/轉載笑話:中國假貨

Joke: Chinese Fake Products/轉載笑話:中國假貨

Fake products are everywhere in China.

Mr. Wang is a farmer. He spent his savings on new seeds.

After a year of honest hard work, nothing grew. Then he realized the seeds were fake.

He was so upset that he bought arsenic for committing suicide. He was completely fine as the arsenic was also fake.

The family celebrated his survival with a toast, and everyone was hospitalized, for the wine was fake.

The Wangs would have had lived, had the medicine in the hospital had been real.



他聽說有一家賣的種子不錯,他就去買了種子。灑完種子以後,想說一年以後就可以收成了,結果一年以後,什麼東西都沒有長。 才知道原來這個是假的種子。

結果這個老王一氣之下,就跑到中藥店裡面去買砒霜,回來自殺想一死了之。吃完砒霜以後,他好好的,都沒有死。因為買到假藥 沒有死。

那家人就很高興啊,想說那就大家一起來慶祝一下,就買酒喝 結果喝到假酒。然後他就快死了,後來就送到醫院去準備急救。老王握著他孩子的手,那孩子說 「放心啊 爸爸,絕對不會死的 一定OK的」


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