Top Ten Lies/十大謊言

Top Ten Lies/十大謊言

  1. Classmate: I did not study. I have no idea how I got such a good mark.
  2. Guest Speaker: I will keep it short.
  3. Boss: I will never forget your contribution.
  4. Staff: I am quiting tomorrow.
  5. Merchant: Final day out of business sale!
  6. Star: We are just friends.
  7. Guy: It's alright. It's not going to hurt.
  8. Chick: This is my first time...
  9. Parents: I am saving this for you.
  10. Cougar: Handsome....

  1. 同學: 我沒唸啊,不知道為何考這麼高?
  2. 來賓:「大家好,我只簡單講兩句…」
  3. 老闆: 我不會忘記你的貢獻。
  4. 職員: 明天我就不幹了。
  5. 商人: 虧本大拍賣,只到今天!
  6. 明星: 我們只是朋友。
  7. 男孩: 乖,不會痛的。
  8. 女孩: 這是我的第一次。
  9. 父母: 我幫你把紅包存起來了。
  10. 歐巴桑: 帥哥..............

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