[How To]從多倫多機場進城/From Toronto Pearson International Airport to Downtown

[How To]從多倫多機場進城/From Toronto Pearson International Airport to Downtown

The cheapest and probably the quickest way to get to the city from Toronto Pearson International Airport is by riding the Rocket, for the subway is not affected by traffic jam.

The Rocket is Torontonian nickname for Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

The best place to get the ticket in the airport is at the Currency Exchange. When I was there, the price was C$2.50 per token. This price is even lower than ticket vending machines.

Then you want to follow this sign to the buses:

There are vending machines selling TTC tokens near the exit to the buses:
They are C$3 a piece, but these machines accept credit cards.

Here are the buses.
Chances are, you want to go to Kipling subway station. Once you are there, you are set. Kipling is the terminal station at the west end of Bloor line. You may take the train from either side of the platform, as both of them are east bound.

Upon boarding the bus, remember to ask the driver for a transfer. That allows you to transfer to other TTC vehicles within limited time and the same direction without stopping over.

At the ticket booth of the subway, you may purchase other type of tickets. You may also request a copy of TTC map for free, no purchase necessary:

A token costs C$2.50. A day pass C$10. During the weekend and holidays, two adults can share one day pass.

You may also download the map from here: [click me]

Welcome to TO, eh?

PS: If you enter the TTC system from a subway station, look for this kind of machine to obtain your transfer:

You are suppose to obtain your transfer when and where you pay your fare.

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