Xie's Marinated Pork Rice/謝家烘肉飯(Update/更新:2011/03/03)


I haven't seen them in a while. Might be out of business.

Xie's Marinated Pork Rice/謝家烘肉飯


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Rating: Excellent Value, Pilgrimage

It seems that Ruilong Rd is the battle zone for braised pork rices. There are at least four restaurants in this area worthy of my recommendation. All of them are good and unique. The best part is, they have different business hours. Hence excellent Braised Pork Rice is available almost around the clock.

Compared with Huaxi, Xie's uses a plat rather than a bowl. Their easy over egg is fried to your order. Instead of Taiwanese saur kraut and ginger, they use bamboo shoots. At $40 a serving, their portion is smaller than Huaxi.

  1. 吳家滷肉飯:個人最愛。最精緻。最多菜色。營業時間:晚餐、宵夜。
  2. 謝家烘肉飯:C/P值最高。營業時間:晚餐、宵夜。
  3. 華喜爌肉飯:分量最大,最澎湃。營業時間:午、晚餐。
  4. 南霸王:主打腳庫、豬腳。可以精確選擇肉的部位。營業時間:午、晚餐。

Here is my comparison for these four restaurants:
  1. Wu's Family: My personal favourite. The finest. Their menu provides the most selections. Business hour: Dinner and (very) late night snack.
  2. Xie's: The biggest bang on the buck. Business hour: dinner and late night snack.
  3. Huaxi: The most generous portion. Business hour: lunch and dinner.
  4. Nanbawang: specialize on pork hax and foot. Option to specify the cut of the meat. Business hour: lunch and dinner.
Veggie Stew/大鍋菜:NT$30

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