Why I Hate Nokia/零北為蝦米度爛挪雞鴨

Why I Hate Nokia/零北為蝦米度爛挪雞鴨

Mine is Nokia 5800 Xpress Music
  1. Ovi Suite Does Not Support Linux
  2. The size of Ovi window exceeds the size of the screen of my netbook.
  3. Download:
    No resume when downloading upgrades and maps. No easy way to find out if the connection has been broken. Not all of us enjoy a stable LAN connection to their freaking servers as those inconsiderate brats developing Nokia's freaking software.
  4. Sends SMS to Nokia:
    After each upgrade, the freaking phone sends an SMS to Nokia. In addition to violating privacy, this rude move also costs me whenever I am roaming overseas.
  5. Immature Software:
    Buggy software that requires upgrade. If you upgrade, chances are the upgrade will break something else.
  6. Nokia Video is a Piece of Crap:
    Like Nokia's network connection, it shows no sign of its health. It takes forever to convert video. Had Nokia not including it in their PC Suite, then I could have saved a lot of time and effort by using other software to do the job.
  7. Screw OVI:
    Instead of letting my download the software to my computer, it insist on sending the link to the phone.
  8. Tardy Motion Sensor Response:
    It takes way too long for the display to change orientation after turning the darn phone. When the phone is held at 45 degrees, the display turns blank.
If there is still any sanity left in the head of Nokia executives, they should open up their freaking software, so geeks will work for them for free. Hence perhaps some decent job can be done.

Screw you, Nokia! I am going Android.

  1. Ovi Suite電腦端套件沒有Linux版。
  2. Ovi Suite電腦端套件比零北的Netbook的螢幕還他馬的大。
  3. 下載:
  4. 自動傳簡訊給挪雞鴨:
  5. 不成熟的軟體:
  6. 挪雞鴨影片轉檔軟體:
    跟挪雞鴨的網路連線一樣不知其死活。就算不死,也慢得要死。如果挪雞鴨PC Suite沒包含這爛貨,我就不用浪費大把時間試用它,早就用其他軟體來轉檔了。
  7. OVI伊涼卡好:
  8. 動作感應器反應遲鈍:


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