Pork Blood Jelly and Intestine Broth/古早分量的豬血大腸湯

Pork Blood Jelly and Intestine Broth/古早分量的豬血大腸湯

Rating: Pilgrimage, for Generosity and Honesty.




I was heading to Zhenghexing for dried fruits. Although I had not had breakfast, I did not plan on eating anything, as it was almost noon. However, I was intercepted by some ladies' invitation right before Zhenghexing. Before the fire at President Department Store, this area used to be the centre of the universe. Despite the passing of the time, the pride and honesty of the shoppes remains. I was planning on getting a NT$20 Wonton broth, but the lady did not have it today. So I patronized her neighbour for Pork Blood Jelly and Intestine Broth. The Wonton lady was not upset. Instead, she was being very apologetic. This type of behaviour is typical of Taiwanese good old days.


The price was not marked. Normally, I would enquire about the price before ordering, but I felt lucky this morning.

The serving was generous/這麼大一碗:
There is a big chunk of turnip. The broth is thick and sweet. The seasoning is, however, modern. It is less salty than traditional.

After finishing the bloody jelly, I discover the ridiculously generously serving of pork intestine/把豬血吃完後,發現大腸是如此誇張地多:


At NT$50 a bowl is the "fair" market price. However, the serving at this place is much more generous than others.


Note: Later, I revisited this establishment with my woman. We shared a bowl. The bill came to NT$60 instead. They said they had given us a large portion. However, I did not feel there was any difference. I would recommend confirming the price when ordering.

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