Sanhe Market Oyster Omlette/三和市蚵仔煎

Sanhe Market Oyster Omlette/三和市蚵仔煎

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My favourite Taiwanese Oyster Omlette is from the 11th floor of FE21. Their flavour has not changed over the past two decade. However, I stopped feeling being touched by their omlette.

I was touched again last night at this place.

I was at Guanghua Night Market last night. Because of Hebei Dumpling's excellent value, I decided to venture into the small alleys. This Oyster Omlette is NT$20 cheaper than FE21, and NT$5 the average of Guanghua Night Market. Their business was quite slow. I was the only customer. I was a bit concerned about the freshness of the oyster. However, the fist bite had been a very pleasant surprise. It felt like as if the chef has put in a piece of her soul into my omlette.

And I was touched.

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