A Great Day/得意的一天

A Great Day/得意的一天

Helped a friend getting off M$ Windows on his old computer, and installed Linux instead. I also taught him how to use aMule to get "shared" files. He was so happy that he insisted on buying me a lunch.It took us less one minute to wait for the subway. I had oysters that huge.


It gets even better on our way back. The train arrived at the gate at the exact same moment as we did.


In order to solve the problem of my friend's aMule filled hard drive, I asked my hardware expert to recommend a NAS solution. However, he did not answer my question. He asked me to go buy an Apple. Apple Store Taiwan marked a server at a very "special", less than half of the original, price that day.


I received a private message Plurk from my idol. She became famous for using credit cards to make a fortune. She told me her e-mail and MSN. She said she receives a lot of private messages on Plurk that she might missed mine.


Had chilly dogs for dinner. Missed the old taste.

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