The Science of Fly Swatting/科學戰胡神(揍蒼蠅)

The Science of Fly Swatting/科學戰胡神(揍蒼蠅)

A long time ago, I saw an article on fly swatting in an old past issue of Reader's Digest.

  1. The sight of flies are more sensitive to horizontal motions than to vertical.
  2. When flies take off, the always fly backwards first.

Based on above facts, the author derives the following two techniques:
  1. When using a fly swatter, swat the fly from its back vertically.
  2. When using hands, clap your hands horizontally behind the fly, and aim at the mid air at the back of the fly. The trick is, let the fly see it coming, and fly into your hands.

I prefer the second method. Not only it utilises flies' nature against itself, but also it takes the location of the fly out of the equation. I do not need to worry about hitting the surface of the flies' resting place.

Recently, I saw an improved version of the second method. Hitting the flies with hallowed hands. This way, flies are knocked out cold by the shock wave, so I might be able to avoid smearing my hands with fly guts. In addition, the effective range is larger than the area of my hands.

  1. 胡神的視覺對左右的移動較垂直的移動敏感。
  2. 胡神起飛時,一定是向後上方。

  1. 用胡神拍時,要從蒼蠅後上方垂直拍下,讓胡神來不及反應。
  2. 用雙手從胡神後左右合掌,目標放在胡神的後上方。左右合掌是故意要打給胡神看。胡神看到您要扁它,就會起飛。目標放在它的後上方,是要等它自投羅網。



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