XiangWei Seafood Congee + Stinky Toufu/香味海產粥、脆皮臭豆腐

Rating: For the love of Bouillabaisse, Pilgrimage

Tel/電話:+886-7-225-5302 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +886-7-225-5302      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Business Hour/營業時間: 16:00-24:00

Seafood congee and stinky toufu are on their sign. Apparently, those two dishes are their specialities.

Think of Taiwanese seafood congee as Bouillabaisse with rice. Their price is much higher than other places in Taiwan, but well worth it. I have not seen scallop in seafood congee anywhere else, yet.

The soy sauce on the table is to shut customers up to prevent them from making a silly request. I would recommend against having their stinky toufu with soy sauce. If you can help it, skip the chilly as well. They already hallow out their stinky toufu, and fill them up with sauces. Any additional sauce would destroy its original flavour. Their stinky toufu should be appreciated as it is, as you shall not add any additional stroke to Portrait of Lisa Gherardini to suit your eyes.

Other dishes I have sampled are:
  1. Oyster Omlette: Sweet, juicy, and tender
  2. Sesame Oil Taiwanese Angel Hair Pasta with Eggs
  3. Plum Juice: another famous item from this restaurant
  4. Fried Squid Ball: delicious and safe for non adventurous souls
I would recommend them all.


放在桌上的醬油是讓顧客閉嘴的裝飾品。您真要用上了,那就遜斃了。臭豆腐中間挖了小洞,灌了調味汁了。再加醬油,會破壞原味。您到羅浮宮賞Portrait of Lisa Gherardini時,不會在那上頭添筆加畫吧?

  1. 煎蚵仔蛋:鮮嫩甜美多汁
  2. 麻油蛋麵線
  3. 阿智酸梅湯:出名
  4. 炸花枝丸


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