Li's Chinese Hamburger/李記餡餅

Rating: Pilgrimage

Business Hour/營業時間: 15:30-23:30 closed on Sundays/周日公休

When you crave for a hamburger, you might want to consider this local dish. Be careful if you are having it fresh from the hot plate. It is loaded with searing hot juice! Before you sink your teeth into it, first, take a small bite on the edge on the top, then carefully suck it dry.

At NT$20, its value has already gone through the roof. Similar dishes could cost well over CND$5 a piece in Yorkville of Toronto. The taste is absolutely divine. It is very delicately prepared. Please handle with care.

It is fried on the spot and takes about 10 minutes to prepare. You may call ahead to shorten the wait.

The onion bits in the filling sweeten the taste. Hence discretion is advised if you plan to kiss someone later.




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