Huaxi Marinated Pork Rice/華喜爌肉飯

Rating: Very Taiwanese, Pilgrimage

Web Site/網址:http://tw.eliwp.com/077223233/
Address: No. 125, Lóngxìng St, Cianjhen District, Kaohsiung City, 806
Tel: +886-7-722-3233




One Word: Grandeur

Please do not be intimidated by the fat in the picture. That was my request. The host would ask your preference on meat. Whether fatter, leaner, or in between.

NT$ 55



In other places, marinated pork rice is defined as a bowl of rice with a thin layer of Taiwanese sauerkraut, and a slice of marinated pork. In this place, however, is half bowl of rice, with a pile of Taiwanese sauerkraut, and giant chunks of marinated pork. As if not confident enough to scare people to death, the host also throw in an over easy egg on top of the pile. I do not think you can find this kind of dinning style in any other space or time in Taiwan. Back in those "good" old days, Taiwanese were too poor to afford this; Nowadays, Taiwanese has become health freaks and lost their guts to have this much fun. This is definitely over killing. On the other hand, this can also be interpreted as the passion and sincerity of the host. This is so very Taiwanese. The better part of it, at least.

I was almost in tears as I discover this treasure. Compared with Wu's Family Braised Pork Rice, Wu's is for sheer taste, this a hearty meal; Wu's is delicate, this grandeur.

Milk Fish Soup/虱目魚羹:NT$30

2014/4/18 Update:
The price for the marinated pork rice has been raised to NT$60, and portion also increased.

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