Fried Chicken Fillet/更營養雞排

Rating: Local Speciality, Pilgrimage

I am seldom crazy about chicken breast, with very rare exception of this and beer in the butt chicken.


Fried chicken fillet is not a traditional dish. It became popular around last decade or so. As I normally look for traditional dishes, this snack has not been in my pocket list at all. I began noticing it from a TV show. In that show, one immigrant told the story of how her brother fancy this snack. That tale inspires this quest.


Of all the chicken fillet I have sampled in the city of Kaohsiung, I conclude that Ah-Liang has got the best taste. It is also the most juicy. However, it is also freaking pricey, at NT$45 a piece. I would recommend Ah-Liang to short term visitors to Taiwan. There is no point missing the best over freaking US$0.50.




For folks staying a little longer, I would recommend Taiwanese Chicken Store. Though they are not as good as Ah-Liang, they win by value, at NT$30 a piece.


In addition, I like their sign. It reads Tai G Dian. "Dian" means "store." "G" sounds like "chicken" in mandarin Chinese. "Tai", of course, is referring to TAIwan. In addition, Tai G Dian in mandarin Chinese sounds almost identical to the Chinese name for Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Taiwanese Chicken Store/台G店:


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