"Szechuan" Style Beef Noodle/川味牛肉麵

"Szechuan" Style Beef Noodle/川味牛肉麵

Rating: Pilgrimage

Address/地址:800 Taiwan高雄市新興區忠孝一路93號

Please check out this article on introduction to "Szechuan" Style Beef Noodle:
"Szechuan" Beef Noodle/川味牛肉麵


A couple of days ago, I revisited Wei's Shandong Fried Bun. The lady from Pingdong asked me to recommend restaurants in Kaohsiung, in particular, beef noodles. I was about to recommend Xiao Wang, I had this thirst attack right after dinning there. I suspect I had overdose of MSG.



I missed their sign this morning. Instead, I caught the sign of neighbour asking their customers not to park in front of the neighbour's house. The staff claim their restaurant is over two decades old. I guess they took over the old owner's restaurant, which was established at least 30 years ago. I remember in the old days, there was a sign which read "Free exchange if you feel the broth is too salty or too spicy. Free extra noodle and broth." I did not see that sign this morning. The store is clean, neat, and simple. The broth is not at all spicy. I guess they are leaving guest to add spice by themselves these days. The broth is thick and tasty.

Their beef noodles is my favourite in the city of Kaohsiung.


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