Nokia 5800 Map Crashing/地圖軟體問題

After upgrading the software of my Nokia 5800 in November 2008, Nokia Map began to crash shortly after initiation.

The way I solved this problem was to
  1. Back up data
  2. Format the microSD card
  3. Perform a soft reset by keying in *#7370#, then enter the default password "12345"
I noticed that the first time I tried to run Nokia Map, it prompted me for some license agreement thingie. I guess this could be the cause for the upgrade to fail.

2008年11月,在我升級Nokia 5800的系統軟體之後,每次要使用地圖軟體,它就當。 我解決這個問題的方法是:
  1. 備份資料
  2. 格式化記憶卡
  3. 重設手機軟體:鍵入*#7370#,預設密碼是"12345"

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