Home Grown Oven Baked Pizza/山寨窯烤披薩

Home Grown Oven Baked Pizza/山寨窯烤披薩

Rating: Unique Experience, Worth a Shot

In short, wood oven baked thin crust pizza made on the spot by the street of Taiwan.

This is not a cure for your craving for Italian thin crust pizza. At least, they are honest about it. Their sign states Shanzhai. In Chinese, it means "Mountain Fortress" of bandits. This phrase is used as "home grown" these days. It is prepared as pizza, it looks like a pizza, but it tastes nothing like Italian pizza. If you ever had pizza outside Italy, then you should give this pizza a shot. Consider it as your Taiwanese experience, if you ever had pizza outside Italy.

BTW, in Taiwan, if anyone ever tease you with stinky toufu, I would suggest tease them back with cheese. Remember to remind them them the scientific fact that the chemical composition of cheese is identical to the stuff that cause foot odour. Ordinary Taiwanese have very weak stomach for cheese. That said, please lower your expectation should you decide to sample this dish.


With Extra Cheese/有加多氣死

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