Definition of Love/愛的定義

Definition of Love/愛的定義


Once upon a time, when I was dinning with my now ex-girl friend, she asked me "Do you love me?"


I asked back "What is your definition of love?"


She said "Let's ask the guy who has been courting me for five years."


One of her classmate has always been fancying her. I had never minded him as I considered him nothing but a silly kid. She sent him an SMS.


There had not been a resonpose after a while. We joked around saying it must be he did not quite know how to answer.


Finally, the reply arrived "I do not know what love is, but I have not felt the warmth of it for quite some time! In my heart, love is waiting, tolerance, it is acting silly just like a clown. The clown feels both happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because he is performing for her! Said, because he worries that if the audience would stay happy. After the show, he is afraid and anticipating the next show! Some times, he hopes there is never going to be another performance, because she is happy. There is no need to call the clown. That shall be the true happiness and joy of the clown!"


I found I had under-estimated him. I was touched. I told her "He indeed understand the meaning of love. I knew it before, but I had forgotten. I do not think he has learned it, but he really knows!"


As she was not a Christian, I explained "The Bible reads

'Love is generous, virtuous,
Love does not envy, boast, not proud is.
All she protects, all she trusts, all she hopes, all she perseveres.
Love never she fails.'"


She fell silent for a while. Then she sent him the reply: "Sorry."

Trois Couleurs: 'Bleu' finale

Song For The Unification Of Europe (Julie's Version) Lyrics
[Lyrics adapted from the bible, 1 Corinthians: 13]

Ean tais glosais toon antropoon lalo
kai toon angeloon,
agapen de me echo,
gegona chalcos echoon e kumbalon alaladzon.

Kai ean echo profeteian,
kai eido ta mysteria panta,
pistin ore metistanai,
agapen de me echo, outen eimi

He agape makrotumai, chresteuetai
he agape ou dzelloi, erpereuetai, ou fysioutai.

panta stegei, panta pisteuei, panta elpizei, panta upomenei.

He agape oudepotte piptei
eite de profeteiai, katargetezontai,
eite glosai, pausontai,
eite gnossis katargetesetai

Nuni de menei, pistis, elpis, agape,
ta tria tauta, meidzoon de toutoon, he agape.

English translation:

If with the tongues of men I speak,
and of angels,
Love I do not have,
I have become a gong resounding or cymbal clanging.

And if I have the gift of prophecy,
and know mysteries all,
faith mountains move,
Love I do not have, nothing I am.

Love is generous, virtuous,
Love does not envy, boast, not proud is.

All she protects, all she trusts, all she hopes, all she perseveres.

Love never she fails. Be it prophecies, they will cease,
Be it tongues, they will be stilled, be it knowledge it will cease.

So remain, Faith, Hope and Love, these three. But the greatest of these is Love.

哥林多前書 第十三章













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