Blue Danube/藍色多瑙河

A new friend joined our group yesterday. It was one of us' first time to meet a Sebastian. I had this impression that Sebastian is the middle name of Johann Strauss. To ring the bell, I tried to hum the Blue Danube. Apparently, I did a lousy job, for the audiences asked me to find it from the net. I decided to make it interesting:

昨天有位名叫Sebastian的新朋友加入我們。有人頭一次聽到這個名字。我記得約翰史特勞斯的中間名也是Sebastian. 為了提醒他們,我哼了一小段藍色多瑙河。大概是因為我哼得很爛,所以有人要求我到網上找一下。我決定弄得搞笑一點:

The topic of discussion came to how useful teachers are in the age of internet and google. So I mentioned Boot to the Head (Tae Kwon Leap).

後來話題帶到網路世紀裡老師的角色。於是我提起:Boot to the Head (Tae Kwon Leap)

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