Zhubei Night Market: Bread Stand/竹北夜市的麵包攤

Zhubei Night Market: Bread Stand/竹北夜市的麵包攤

Zhubei Night Market/竹北夜市

The recommended vendor is not shown in the above photo./推薦店家不在照片中

Taken there by a friend. Pardon me for not providing an accurate coordinate. I would like to recommend the bread stand in this night market, for their bread is fresh, and the vendor is honest.


Shortly after our arrival, it began to rain. Many vendors began to pack up. When I was passing this vendor, I heard the owner anouncing the breads were free. I could not believe what I heard, so I asked for confirmation. Then I called out to my friend walking far ahead of me. The vendor asked me not to spread the news, for I was making him looked like an idiot.


This proves three things:
  1. Their breads are always fresh, as they get rid of everything before they take off.
  2. The owner is nice and environmental friendly, as he rather giving up the breads for free rather than throwing them away.
  3. The owner is a simple and honest folk, as he had no intention of using those breads for marketing purporse.
Hence I conclude he is worthy of my business.

  1. 他們的麵包永遠新鮮,因為他們不回收賣剩的。
  2. 老闆人好,而且惜福。否則可以學麥當勞,把賣剩的丟掉。
  3. 老闆人老實,因為他沒想到用免費麵包來打廣告。

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