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一開始覺得鋼鍊似乎還有點內容,但是一深思,發現還是落了桃太郎的俗套。日本漫畫好像特別喜歡這一套:桃太郎出發去打鬼,一路上再收些狐群狗黨,最後各自發揮所長,團結一致把鬼打倒。犬夜叉七龍珠One Piece等,都是如此。能免此俗套的,貌似只手塚治虫一人而已。但他也不過是五十步笑百步:他套的多是莎士比亞的公式,所以還不算太無聊。

This Japanese comic book, Fullmetal Alchemist, appeared to be promising, until I finally recognized its formula. It is a Japanese classic: Momotaro. Momotaro set off on a quest to fight the monster. On his way, he built his team by recruiting various animals. Eventually, as a team, everyone made their unique contribution on defeating the monster. So are Dragon Balls, Inu Yasha, and One Piece.

Tezuka Osamu is slightly better, as he also applies formulas from Shakespearean works.

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