Food Court@HK Airport/食在香港機場

Food Court@HK Airport/食在香港機場

In the food court of Hong Kong Airport, Popeyes gives the bigges bang for your buck.

Ultimately, you, the consumer, are the ones that actually pay for the expensive rent in the airport. Under normal circumstances, I dislike western fast food. However, there are always exceptions. The good thing about fast food chains includes standardization. This secure the bang of your buck pretty much everywhere.

Most of the local dishes available in Hong Kong Airport are peasant foods available through out the streets of Hong Kong, province of Guangdong (Canton), and China towns through out North America. As they are so popular, it is not likely for any restaurant to screw it up and stay in business. Unless you have specific craving for certain dishes when you are there, I say Popeyes is a reasonable solution to cure your hunger.

I consider Ah Yee Leng Tong is the worst restaurant in that airport. Once I was craving for a dish they happened to have on specials. So I made the mistake of eating there. Before I asked for my bills, I saw an Australian girl having a disbute with them. I overheard she said "I did not order them." I learned its meaning when I saw my bill. They charge an arm and a leg for the appetizers and tea, which I did not ask. Although later I have learned that this is indeed a common practice in Hong Kong, I still do not think it was fair. Technically speaking, the restaurant was located inside the airport, before custom and immigration. In addition, that Australian girl and I do prove their way of running business was problematic. Yet they choose not to keep the customers well informed. In my book, this is a scam.

BTW, remember to check out the warranty clauses if you plan to purchase electronics in Hong Kong Airport. The warranty for my Casio watch was valid only in Hong Kong.








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